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Sony Ericsson did it wrong again

December 22nd, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sony Ericsson is planning to open Android Store soon and developers can already submit programs for review. But looks like it’s not that easy.

App submission is a six(!) step process. On the first screen you need to enter category, app name and description. After this things are getting worse:

  1. You need to upload 170×170 and 120×150 cover images.
  2. Screenshots 170×170(?) is also required.
  3. On step 2 you’ll need to download pdf file and select a “price level”.
  4. Only zip files are accepted. Ironicaly apk files ARE zip files.
  5. Their site knows it – it says “Zip file type is not allowed” if you upload apk file. :)
  6. This is where I stuck: Update: it works now.