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Android Development with Eclipse

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If you are interested in writing Android apps, this tutorial is a great place to start:

More detailed guide about installing ADB/USB drivers in Windows:

On Mac, just add path to the SDK to file .bash_profile in your home folder. If you don’t have Path Finder or other file manager that shows hidden files, here is a small guide:

  1. Extract SDK to your Documents folder, as example.
  2. Open Terminal from Applications/Utilities.
  3. In Terminal Type “ls -a” and see if there is a .bash_profile in your home folder.
  4. If not, type:  touch .bash_profile to create this file.
  5. Now type open -e .bash_profile to open it in TextEdit.
  6. Add the following line: export PATH=${PATH}:~/Documents/android-sdk-mac/tools
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