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Video: Flash 10.1 and a new home screen

In a video below Ryan Stewart demonstrates how various websites running flash work on the Nexus One. As a bonus, you can see a new home screen (Android Froyo?) at the end of the video.

He also posted a few comments on YouTube:

ryanstewart: re: enable/disable flash. Yeah. There are three modes in the browser settings for plugins. Always disable, always enable, or on demand. On demand seems to be just like “click to Flash” so the Flash content is replaced by a little arrow icon and doesn’t load until you click it. I’ll try to do a screenshot or demo of how that works.

ryanstewart: yeah, double tap is the zoom mode. And yup, on YouTube it works exactly like the desktop player, when you press the button it takes you into full screen mode on the phone. You have to zoom in to make the button easier to press, but it’s not too bad.


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