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mSpot mini review

The idea behind mSpot is quite simple: select music folders or iTunes library to sync, and the uploader will store your music in a cloud. Then you can listen to your music on the mSpot web page or in Android (2.1+) client.

This is how the playlist page looks like:

The first two are smart playlists. Quick-List contains selected albums, artists or songs. You can quickly add the current track to the quick-list by tapping on the big Q button. On My Phone playlist simply lists all the tracks cached on your SD card – very convenient if you are offline.
The cached tracks are shown in white color:

mSpot player:

A simple 4×1 widget and a live wallpaper is also available.

The overall design and usability are good. Of course Spotify is better in terms of music discovery, sharing, etc. mSpot currently is more like Dropbox, a cloud storage with the music streaming ability. One big plus though: mSpot has no regional restrictions, at least by now.