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How to stream video to Android device from remote PC

November 4th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

A few days ago I’ve read on Google+ about upcoming version of Plex for Google TV and decided to test it on my Asus Transformer. I was looking for a way to watch movies on a TV screen. Connecting tablet with HDMI cable and using MX Video Player did the trick, but with local files only. DLNA apps and VLC Direct were not very convenient nor reliable.

After installing Plex server on my HTPC and adding folders with movies, TV series and music, I was able to play media on another computer, phone and tablet. Plex automatically downloads the information about media files and presents it very nicely.

It also keeps track of watched videos and maintains playback position. Media files are transcoded if necessary, so no problem with unsupported codecs on Android devices.

The same Plex app can also work as remote for a Plex client running on Mac or PC (server part is also available for Linux and compatible NAS devices).

On the left you can see how Plex looks on a computer screen, very similar to XBMC and other media centers designed to be controlled with a simple remote control. You can also stream content from over 150 popular online video, music and photo sources like Apple Movie Trailers.

  • Whomeyeayou

    I’ve been using Plex, for about six months. It’s simply, awesome. Also, Plex, was one of the 50 companies Google, contacted to develop apps for GTV.  Look for Plex on GTV.  I believe there may some transcoding issues with Plex & GTV.